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Who Else Wants to Add $50,000.00, $75,000.00, $100,000.00 or MORE to Their Schools by Teaching 2 Extra Classes a Week??

If you don’t currently have a program for pre-school aged students, or if yours is not performing the way you would like, the Little Ninjas® Program is for you!

But there is one WARNING!
This is NOT for school owners who want to be baby sitters!
This program teaches REAL Martial Arts Skills,
and can create dedicated, enthusiastic students
that will stay with you for YEARS!

Dear Martial Arts Professional,

The 4, 5 and 6 year old market for Martial Arts Schools, is expanding at an AMAZING rate. With few other extracurricular activities available for the pre-school aged student, our Little Ninja’s Program can be a VERY VALUABLE solution for families and a lucrative profit center for your school!

Our LITTLE NINJA’S program is a “Plug and Play” system for school owners just like you, who want to expand their school, but don’t want to “de-value” their Martial Arts Program.

Now……I know what you may be thinking:

But, I teach Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, (or any other style), how can I use the Little Ninjas® Program?

The Little Ninjas® program focuses on the basic components of Martial Arts technique. These principles are UNIVERSAL, and can be effortlessly integrated into your program. The curriculum is focused on building strong fundamentals, like Balance, Focus Skills, Chambering for Kicks, Blocking Technique, and Gross Motor Coordination and Skills, which will create a strong foundation for you to build your specific style of martial arts on.

We have many members who teach, Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Yoshukai Karate, Tang Soo Do, Arnis, Kuk Sool Won, and many other styles (too numerous to list), who all use the Little Ninjas® program with HUGE levels of success!

For Example, Julio Anta in Miami, teaches a very traditional Style, Hun Gar Kung Fu, and has been “blowing the doors off” with his Little Ninjas® program.

“…I began living my childhood dream!”NAPMA | Julio Anta - Testimonial

How will I communicate the benefits of the Little Ninjas® program to my prospective clients, and how do I continue to communicate these benefits after they are enrolled?

This is the key to enrolling LOADS OF NEW students. Being able to educate your prospective clients about the LIFE CHANGING benefits of training in your program is the secret to creating building your school.

The Little Ninjas® program will eliminate the “confrontational” sales process! Simply follow the step by step “talking points” and your prospects will clearly understand how valuable this program will be for their child, thus removing the biggest obstacle to enrolling them.

You’ll even receive everything you need for your staff members to continue to reinforce these benefits in class! Your instructors will have a class by class blueprint for not only what “curriculum” to teach, but “at a glance” outlines for clearly and articulately communicating why your students NEED to be a pert of this program LONG TERM!

….took my school from 150 students to 600 students!”

NAPMA | Charlie Foxman - Testimonial

How can I “close the back door” and keep these students training LONG TERM?

Well, I have great news!

Obviously, great student retention is a HUGE component of a successful school! And the Little Ninjas® program has a dazzling track record for creating committed clients who are focused on the LIFELONG value of the program, not just a seasonal pursuit.

Just imagine, “cracking the code” to student longevity. Well, the Little Ninjas® program does just that. There are 2 primary reasons that students quit Martial < class="bodytext">

• Reason #1: The Parent doesn’t see the value of continuing.
(See the item above)

• Reason #2: The Students “gets bored” doing the “same old thing” every class.

The Little Ninjas® “Drills and Games” DVD and Manual will give you so many thrilling, exciting, stimulating, classroom activities that your students may never see the same thing twice for YEARS, while still building the fundamental skills they’ll need to become fantastic Martial Artists!

Imagine what that type of variety could do for your retention!

Now, of course, repetition is the mother of skill, so all these creative activities are laser beam focused on the key fundamental skills of

Martial Arts technique such as;

  • Chambering the knee for snapping kicks
  • Hip rotation for side kicks and round kicks
  • Wrist rotation for blocking
  • Leg strength for stances and speed
  • Memorization of combinations for forms/katas
  • Distance, speed and timing for sparring and much more

    “..we also achieved our goal of 350 active students!”

    ”Today marks the 15th anniversary of my dojo, Ichiban Karate Studio. ….we also redesigned our preschool program to encompass the Little Ninjas® curriculum. Through our membership with NAPMA® we have not only achieved 15 years in the industry, but we also reached our goal of 350 active students! Thank you, NAPMA®!”

    Chick Gavitt, Ichiban Karate Studio, Wakefield , Rhode Island

    But PLEASE…..Don’t take my word for it!!

    Read for yourself, what some of these other Little Ninjas® program owners are saying!

    “I doubled the size of my school in two months!”

    “On January 1, 2002 our active enrollment was 123 students. With the help of NAPMA®’s Little Ninjas® preschool program and the Ultimate Body Shaping Course, I grew my school to 254 students by the end of February 2002. The momentum continued with 35 new students that March. My school leaped to the next level and the momentum has driven us to even greater successes.

    ”Not only does it give each Little Ninja something to focus on every day, but it also gives him a reward each day ( belt stripe or stickers and applause ). It also causes the instructor to focus on each child individually each day instead of looking at them as just a sea of eyes and bodies. They focus on individuals. The Little Ninjas® program creates a special moment for each student everyday.

    I went from a 200-student school to a 400-student school since joining with them.

    I must say I sleep better at night not having to worry about every little detail that goes on. My classes are better now that I am constantly motivated. I don't need to pick my own brain now that I have professional consultants and people to network from.

    ....We should be at 300 students at the very latest by the end of October and are on track for 350 - 400 by the end of the year....

    I've gotten such a response for Little Ninjas® that I've added a 2nd evening group that is already filled (I split them into low and high belts) and am starting morning Ninjas and Pre-Ninjas in 2 weeks....”

    Keith Wilkes, Fear Knot Martial Arts, Elizabethtown, PA

    “Thanks to NAPMA® and the Little Ninjas® program we have been able to go out and pursue our passion full time now…”

     “Just a quick note to let everyone at NAPMA® know how thankful we are.

    “Thanks to NAPMA® and the Little Ninjas® program we have been able to go out and pursue our passion full time now.  We have just opened a 4,000 square foot dojo and have new students enrolling daily.  Thanks for the great marketing tools.”

    Chris & Tami Sprague, Personal Development Institute, Inc., Lincoln, IL

    “…went from 5 Ninjas to 40 in just 3 months…”

    “I have been a NAPMA® member for 3 years (and love the material).

    My job as president for the NTFA involves me in trying to help our other 16 affiliate schools grow to a professional level. I have actively been helping them reach new levels for the past 2 years and really enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained through NAPMA® with them.

    We recently 'officially' started the NAPMA® Little Ninjas® program. It has been fantastic. I went from 5 'ninjas' to currently 40 in just 3 months of running the program according to the manual.

    Over the past 3 yrs I have slowly made the transition from working a fulltime sales job while running 2 clubs to just doing Martial Arts fulltime. With the help of NAPMA® I have been able to do this. Thank you for all of your guidance.”

    Joey Perry, Joey Perry’s Martial Arts Academy, Jonesboro, AR

    “The Little Ninjas® program is the most exciting that I’ve come across in my 27 years in the Martial Arts!”

    “The Little Ninjas® Program is the most exciting that I have come across in my 27 years in the martial arts. Having Just taken the step of going Professional I am looking at all ways possible to grow my schools and this is one that you would be mad not to implement.”
    Master Oliver De Bretton, Modern TKD Association, UK

    Here is what you will receive!

    The Little Ninjas® Start-Up Kit the turnkey, age-appropriate program that will help you succeed in the extremely profitable preschool market. The kit includes:
    NAPMA Little Ninjas™ Complete ProgramNAPMA Little Ninjas™ Complete Program

      A complete preschool program structure – Your complete “Blue Print” to building a Little Ninjas® program that will skyrocket you school’s student body and add THOUSANDS of dollars to your bottom line every month! This “Step by Step” guide will answer any possible question you may have about implementing your Little Ninjas® program, from how much to charge, when to schedule the classes, who should teach the classes, how to train the Little Ninjas® instructors, how to conduct promotions, and MORE!

      • Material for Eight Levels of Advancement – All the “physical” curriculum you’ll need to transform your Little Ninjas® into top flight students in your academy!
      • A Creative Reward System – To keep students striving for excellence, it’s important for them to be able to “see” the results of their efforts! The Little Ninjas® program has some very creative, visual reward systems that the students absolutely love, and their parents sincerely appreciate!
      • Step by Step Guides on Testing, Pricing and Scheduling – This area is particularly important for school owners who really want to add a substantial program to their schools! The Little Ninjas® program can be one of the most valuable profit centers of your business if implemented correctly! By no means does this have to be an ancillary activity for your staff. This will create a STRONG revenue stream for your school!
      • How to Overcome Enrollment Objections – This guide will give you a virtual “Road Map” to follow while presenting this program to prospective clients. No more guess work, or fumbling around for the “right thing to say”. Simply follow this map, and your prospects will have no option but to see how valuable your program is!
      • Classroom Activity and Skill Building Material - 40 exciting, stimulating, retention building classroom drills, GUARANTEED to bring enthusiastic smiles to the faces of not just your students, but their parents as well!!
      • The Streamlined “Operations Manual” – This will give you and your staff the overarching framework for how to structure your Little Ninjas® program. From how to create Little Ninjas® Instructors, to Developing INTENSITY in your Little Ninjas®!
      • Little Ninjas® Skills, Drill and Games DVD – OVER 40 MORE original and inventive “In Class” activities to further “mask repetition” and excite your students! You and your staff will have a virtual fort knox worth of ingenious material to teach your new Little Ninjas®!

      I know that all this might seem “Too Good to Be True” but it actually gets EVEN BETTER!

      Act RIGHT NOW and we will also “throw in” $209.80 in FREE bonuses!

      NAPMA Little Ninjas™ Free BonusesFREE BONUS #1 ($74.87 Value)
      Parent Handbook. This illuminating handbook clearly outlines the benefits that this program will deliver to the child. Each parent should be given a copy of this precious manual so they will truly understand what they are “buying”.

      FREE BONUS #2 ($49.98 Value)
      A comprehensive DVD seminar, hosted by Melody Shuman, the program’s developer, where she will lay out the structure of the program in GREAT detail! This is a FANTASTIC resource for new Little Ninjas® program implementation.

      FREE BONUS #3 ($49.98 Value)
      Full Featured Instructional DVD to help you systemize your staff training! Play this JAM PACKED DVD for your instructors and watch the energy level of their classes shoot off the charts! Your students will certainly have a BLAST in their classes, while they are building their fundamentals.
      FREE BONUS #4 ($34.97 Value)
      Digital Ad Designs on CD. Simply take this Media CD to your printer, tell them to add your school contact information and your off to the races. These are expertly designed advertising pieces that present a VERY professional image to you prospects and clients!

      Keep in Mind, This is a complete “Turn Key”, “Plug and Play” program that will give you absolutely everything you need to implement (or re-invent) your pre-school program!

      Simply put your staff (and yourself) in from of the TV, play the DVD’s and get ready to EXPLODE your student base and your revenue!

      Click Here to Order Little Ninjas™ Complete Package Now!
      Click here to order Little Ninjas® Complete Package

      After your 60 day trial we will automatically enroll you into our Maximum ImpactTM membership which gives you full rights to on-going use of this program as long as you remain a member.
      On-going membership is $399 a month.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      Little Ninjas® is a registered trademark of Martial Arts Marketing, Incorporated DBA NAPMA®.
      Members only may use this name to and related logos to promote their program.

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